I'll take this opportunity to provide a mini-review of our experience with Kimberly:

We hired her to assist a family member with a college admission essay, and I was extremely impressed by her knowledge and process. In summary, she was very efficient and effective and we highly recommend her! She asked all the right questions to motivate and inspire the author to decide upon a good essay topic that would give admissions officers the information they need outside of the standard application. I witnessed this process first hand and it was simply magical- I found myself wishing I could have had someone like her helping me with my college admission essays back in the day! She was also great about keeping the author on track with deadlines and making the proper suggested edits/guidance towards the final product.

--  R.S. Sharon, MA

My 17-year-old son and I both think we are good writers. We battled unproductively over his common app essay for a month before he spoke with Tearless Writing. My only regret is that we didn’t seek help earlier.   

After one phone call, the process and essay improved dramatically: Linda and Kimberly’s prompt and clear advice about how to write more introspectively, among other suggestions, helped my son rewrite effectively and convey more of his best, most thoughtful self. 

In later phone calls, the Tearless Writing team helped him choose where to cut words in order to focus on the most important, pithy stuff.

My son is proud of the essay he’s submitting with all of his applications, and he seems to have forgotten our family’s editing battles. 

As a parent, I’d recommend hiring Tearless Writing for two reasons: Linda and Kimberly will help your child produce a stellar essay — and their efforts will help you preserve peace in your family during an already fraught college application process!"

--  K.V., Golden Valley, MN


"They let my son lead the way, but provided guidance and support to keep him on task in answering the essay prompt. From his initial rough draft to his final product, his voice was heard and the essay conveyed who he is as a person and a student."

 -- L.C., Sharon, MA


"Prior to your call, literally that same afternoon, my daughter was questioning her choice of study.  She was so deflated - it broke my heart.  What a difference an hour made being on the phone with you! 

She was visibly more relaxed, she was ear to ear smiles, and was re-energized about what her future as a nurse holds!  My husband and I are so grateful.   So, in conclusion, there were no tears with this writing."   

-- K.S., Merrimack, NH

Once I decided to update my resume and create a LinkedIn profile, I was not sure where to begin. I had not worked for over 20 years. I worked with Kimberly at Tearless Writing and saw that my volunteer experience had value. Kimberly worked with me to ensure that I had a resume ready to send out to employers and a LinkedIn profile I could be proud of.

I thought this service was so valuable, I gave my sister the gift of Tearless Writing, so she could update her resume and LinkedIn profile. I am so grateful that Tearless Writing was able to take the stress out of this process for me and my sister.

-- Netti S., Sharon, MA

Last fall, I  Skyped with Kimberly and Linda three times to talk about my Common App essay, and somehow, during those 180 minutes, you both helped me figure out how to transform it completely.

This morning I found drafts of my Common App essay and the final version. With fresh eyes, I can now see that the final version is clearly more heartfelt, interesting, and effective. It reveals so much more about my internal thoughts than the drafts.

Middlebury was my top choice school, and I am sure that your rewriting ideas and suggestions helped me get accepted there. I’m looking forward to starting my freshman year in a couple of weeks! During the grinding process of rewriting, I think that I was too worn out to thank you. So before I leave for Middlebury, I thought I would finally write to let you know how grateful I am.

J. V.
Middlebury College Class of 2022