Looking for a new position, changing careers, or getting back into the workforce?  
Tearless Writing can help you! 



Tearless Writing can help you update a resume and make your qualifications sing so that an employer will reach out to you.  Often recruiters use resumes to weed you out as a candidate.  The goal is to survive an applicant tracking system (ATS).  Tearless Writing can help you by crafting a strong resume that reflects you and your talents. 


LinkedIn is critical to your job search and success.  Often companies will go on LinkedIn and look for you.  Let us help you figure out what needs to be in your profile so you can get noticed. Do you have a photo posted on LinkedIn? Is it professional and recent? LinkedIn matters!


cover letter

Cover Letters

Ready to send out that resume?  You need a cover letter that can grab the readers’ attention.  If you are sending out the same cover letter with each resume you are doing something very wrong.  Each cover letter should be specific to the position you are seeking.  It needs to highlight your achievements without repeating what’s in your resume. 

Tearless Writing can help you write a cover letter that will reflect your strengths.

Watch my webinar that I did with IamBackatWork.com entitled:
Do I really need a cover letter and how do I write an effective one? WATCH NOW