Get ready to take control of your writing.

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Writing college admissions essays can feel like a monumental task. This process is fraught with anxiety and tears for seniors and parents.  Seniors are hesitant to write the essay because, let’s face it, being introspective and writing about yourself is difficult!  It is especially challenging when you still have mountains of homework, extracurricular activities, college entrance exams, and perhaps a job.  So, students procrastinate. Parents yell.  There are arguments and tears.  

Here is where Tearless Writing can help.  We’re two moms with exceptionally strong writing skills.  We have been through this process several times and understand the tension it creates.  
We started Tearless Writing to reduce the stress inherent in the college admissions essay writing process.  

Writing college essays is rarely fun, but hopefully we can take the sting out of it.  In fact, our hope is that writing the essay will force your child to look inward and learn something about who they are.  We want to help your senior to discover their special qualities and find a way to communicate that in a way that will capture the heart and mind of even the toughest, most jaded college admissions counselor.  Your senior is special and we want college admissions departments to see exactly that!


 "Prior to your call, literally that same afternoon, my daughter was questioning her choice of study.  She was so deflated - it broke my heart.  What a difference an hour made being on the phone with you!  She was visibly more relaxed, she was ear to ear smiles, and was re-energized about what her future as a nurse holds!  My husband and I are so grateful.   So, in conclusion,
there were no tears with this writing." 

  -- K.S., Merrimack, NH